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BeardForce Films is an award winning production company located in Nashville, Tennessee, founded in 2014, dedicated to handling clients’ needs through commercials, corporate video, music videos, PSA’s, as well as our own projects of documentaries and narratives. BeardForce Films is comprised of professionally passionate and dedicated creatives ready to bring any vision to life.

BeardForce Films fully utilizes pre-production in preparation for the known and unknown alike. With creative dedication to vision from our professional production and post production teams. Being prepared is the biggest challenge in this industry and we pride ourselves on not just Plan A, but Plan B and C, as well.

BeardForce Films was founded on bringing stories to life on the screen one frame at a time. From pre-production thru post, we aim to not only satisfy our clients’ needs, but to become the best source of bringing their message to the targeted audience.


BeardForce Films is on a mission to bring ideas to life for the world to see through a mixture of creativity, dedication, and passion.