Beard Force Films is a production company by independent filmmakers


BeardForce Films is an award winning production company located in Nashville, Tennessee, founded in 2014, dedicated to handling our clients’ need through commercials, corporate video, music videos, PSA’s, as well as our own projects of documentaries and narratives. We are a team of professionally passionate dedicated creatives ready to bring our clients’ vision to life.

BeardForce Films prides itself on pre-production to prepare ourselves for the known and unknown alike as well as the creative dedication to the project’s vision from our professional production and post production teams. Being prepared is the biggest challenge in this industry and we pride ourselves on not just Plan A but Plan B and C as well.

BeardForce Films was founded on bringing stories to life on the screen one frame at a time. From pre production, though post we aim to not only satisfy our clients’ needs but to become the best source of bringing their message to the targeted audience.

Mission Statement

BeardForce Films is on a mission to bring ideas to life for the world to see through a mixture of creativity, dedication, and passion.

Our tEAM

  • Eric Byford
    Eric Byford OWNER

Eric Byford is a man on a dream-chasing mission. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee’s Communication Department with a major in Broadcasting. It is here where he fell in love with the camera and the art of storytelling. His path led him to music as a DJ and a nightclub owner but the itch to get into film never relinquished itself. After selling the nightclub and venturing into the corporate world and real estate, his dream of becoming a filmmaker turned into reality in the fall of 2012 when he decided it was time to quit wondering and prove to himself and his three sons that a dream can be worth pursuing by enrolling in film school. He went on to create a series called “Straight Up” which focuses on the impact alcohol has made on the world economically, politically, and socially. It was in film school and through his work on his first documentary, “Straight Up: Tennessee Whiskey” that gave birth to BeardForce Films.

He started BeardForce Films to give him and his colleagues an outlet for future productions and a voice in the film community. He founded the company on the belief of passion, creativity, professionalism, and dedication could marry them into a successful venture of filmmaking. He has earned several awards and been selected for several more film festivals regarding his Tennessee Whiskey project. He is currently in production on the next installment of Straight Up: Kentucky Bourbon. The dreamer is still dreaming and continuing on his quest to make BeardForce Films a successful film company and give life to stories for the world to enjoy.

  • Beth Berger
    Beth Berger Director of Photography - Bourbon Film & 54 Hour Films

Growing up in some of the most photographed states in the country, Beth Berger picked up a camera in 2007 to start documenting her surroundings.

Born and raised in Wyoming and an upbringing in Alaska, Beth choose Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula Montana to be the foundation for her future.

After a few years of honing her photography skills, Beth moved to Rockport, Maine to pursue an intensive program at Maine Media Workshops in Cinematography.

Now happily calling Tennessee home, Beth is excited to see where Cinematography takes her.

  • Apolonia Davalos
    Apolonia Davalos Talent

APOLONIA DAVALOS is named after APPOLLONIA, an ancient, biblical town, in Macedonia, Greece.

Her feature film credits include: The Good Book, Providence, The Perfect Wedding, Jolly, and Harlem Shadows. Short film credits include: Daddy’s Girl, Like Father Like Son, Cheap Shots, and Safe Date.

She received great acclaim for her role of Titania in the Nashville Shakes’ 2013 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  • Zach Montanari
    Zach Montanari Camera Operator
After graduating KD College with an associates degree in fine arts from the acting program, and finishing film school, Zach is willing to do whatever it takes on set to get it done right. A.K.A. Spider-Man.

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